“The good life is a process, not a state of being. It is a direction not a destination.”
Carl Rogers

Hello everyone,

I founded Roomnumber33.com in 2014, but the idea had been germinating for at least a decade. You see, when I was in Nift Delhi doing my Fashion Design course, we had a module where we had to create our own label.

I decided to use the number 33 since it’s the numerological sum of my name Roshinee. I was inspired to create Room Number 33 because I didn’t know what I’d sell, but I knew for a fact that the anniversary party of my grand ambiguous venture would take place in Room Number 33 of some swanky hotel. All my friends would be invited and there’d be male strippers dressed in angel wings and everything. And that sums up my approach to life and the whole vibe of this blog – my friends and I hanging out and indulging our way through life.

Look forward to long-winded interviews with the people I love and reviews and recommendations of things we love.

Fashion & Design: Interviews with upcoming or established designers I love, who love me, or who’re loved by my friends.
Style Files: Sneak peek at what my people are wearing and their style philosophies.
Lifestyle: Ah yes, travel, beauty and wellness experiences from yours truly.
Art & Culture: Books, art, and entertainment inspirations that inspire us, creative people.
You can contact me on roomnumber33@gmail.com
Alternatively, drop a mail on Facebook or Instagram.

Loads of love,
Roshinee Raajendran

PS: Special thanks to:
Sharraj Raj for Room Number 33 logo design
Hanfas Backer and Ajay Malhotra for being the tech brains behind this undertaking