Crushing On Cage Bags This Summer

Crushing On Cage Bags This Summer

Last year, I was enchanted with animal shaped bags – charming little things that looked like elephants and whales. But this year, all I want is a 1950’s inspired cage bag.

You may have seen this bag trending on Instagram, with every fashion influencer worth their salt flaunting it. I can see the appeal since its timeless design and boxy structure easily complements flowy summer dresses. Unlike the vintage versions which were mostly made of bamboo, the new colorful versions are made of acrylic and can last a really long time. I particularly love the appearance of the acrylic tortoise version – all that beauty minus all the cruelty.

Cult Gaia, founded by Jasmin Larian, has a super luxe range that’s sure to become heirloom pieces in your closet. Imagine buying one of these and then one day passing it on to your stylish grandchild. Something tells me, this style will outlive the changing trends and look just as modern 50 years from now. This is one bag that’s going to age well. Put it right up there with your Chanels and Louis Vuittons.

1. Acrylic Ark
cage bag
2. Acrylic Lilleth
basket-bag-acrylic-lilleth-multi3. Lilleth
basket-bag-lilleth-brown-stain4. Luna
basket-bag-luna-natural5. Acrylic Ark
basket-bag-acrylic-ark-tortoiseImage Credits: Cult Gaia

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