DIY Skin Serum For Bump-Free Skin

DIY Skin Serum For Bump-Free Skin

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I love Bangalore weather, but it’s not particularly good for my skin. Scratch that – it’s horrid for my skin. And I’ve braved Kerala, Delhi, and Saudi weather before I landed here! And my skin looked great throughout. But ever since I settled down in pleasantly chilly Bangalore, I’ve been plagued by chicken skin aka keratosis pilaris (KP).

Now KP isn’t infectious or life-threatening in any way. Half the human population suffers from it at some point or the other. And it’s just a result of dead skin cells clogging up the hair ducts on the body. Therefore you have to use chemical exfoliants to help your skin shed those dead cells. Now, I have stocked up on the popular anti-KP artillery like AmLactin Lotion and Neutrogena Clear Body Wash Wtih Grapefruit. However, recently I came across a video by Himani Wright on how to combat KP naturally and I decided to give it a try.

Himani Wright’s 3 step process to get bump-free skin

Her three-step process starts with using a Clarisonic to clean the skin thoroughly. The second step involves using a skin serum.


Himani’s theory is that healthy skin does not trap hair and therefore a potent mix of essential and carrier oils can reprogram the skin into behaving right. Here’s the recipe:

Extra virgin coconut Oil – 3 tablespoon
Tea Tree Essential Oil – 6 drops
Rose Essential Oil – 7 drops

The final step is to lather on a Calamine lotion on the body.

My modified method

I don’t do this during the day, because that’s when I use my AmLactin. Therefore I do a modified process that suits me better.

To begin with, I do the process at night. I start with the serum. I was leery of using coconut oil and tea tree oil on my skin. Therefore I used an easily absorbed version of coconut oil by Sri Sri Tattva instead of the gloopy extra-virgin types. Despite being a Keralite, I’m not keen on having coconut oil slathered on my skin anytime after a bath. The tea tree oil was completely masked by the smell of the rose essential oil too.

Finally, I apply Calamine lotion by Aloe Veda before I hit the bed.

I reserved Himani’s first step for the morning after. I don’t own a Clarisonic, therefore I use raw silk gloves, another thing that Himani recommends. This is a pleasant experience and apart from light exfoliation, it also aids in lymphatic drainage. And after a good dry brushing session with the gloves, I hop in the shower.

My experience

I’ve just been doing this for a fortnight so it’s too early to see any marked difference. And with such techniques, patience is key. That being said, I love love love this whole process, because everything smells gorgeous. And I know that none of the things I’m using are going to adversely affect my skin anyway.

Have you tried this method? If so, do let me know how it went!

Image Credit: Jon Flobrant

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