Floral Green Tea With Roses And Lavender

Floral Green Tea With Roses And Lavender

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There’s tea and then there’s herbal teal. The thing about herbal tea is that it lives up to the adage,”Smells like heaven, tastes like death.” But it’s good for you and that’s why I have an arsenal of herbal tea at my disposal.

Recently I found myself the recipient of a huge tin of green tea. I’m not too fond of green tea since most of the packages varieties taste like cut grass. I’d once had it at a Taiwanese home where the hostess filled a small kettle with dried green tea leaves and poured steaming hot water into it, let it sit for a few seconds before pouring it out into small ceramic cups to the guests. They repeated this process several times instead of giving each guest a huge mug of green tea, the way most of us are used to having herbal tea. This tea was mild and refreshing and I quite liked it. The hosts informed me that this is how they did it back home in Taiwan. Unfortunately, the only tea that came closest to this was the one from Gaia. Therefore I went back to my regular tulsi teas until I found myself with a huge tin of the stuff in the pantry.

The good thing was that I also had a huge batch of dried lavender flowers and roses which just refused to get over no matter how generously I used it in my teas and scrubs. Therefore I mixed myself a batch of floral herbal tea.

Floral Green Tea


The resulting tea was chock full of vitamins. Dried rose petals are packed with vitamin C and antioxidants. Lavender, on the other hand, is great for relieving stress. And green tea has a whole list of benefits, my favorite being that it’s great for weight loss. Therefore I would brew a cup of this floral mix in lieu of my breakfast chai.


Another thing which I’d not failed to notice was that it looked really lovely. Therefore I packed it in goody bags for my friends and they were delighted with it.


I know that the weather is heating up so a cup of warm herbal tea may not sound exciting right now. So here’s a recipe for making a really delicious summer cooler with this mix.

Chilled Floral Green Tea
  • Brew a cup of floral green tea with a tablespoon of the mix and let it steep until the water cools down.
  • Strain it and pour it into a glass pitcher with a liter of chilled water.
  • Pour a cup of orange juice to sweeten the drink. Alternatively, use a mixture of lemon and honey.
  • Drop in ice, mint and basil leaves and mix well before serving.

Here’s to a gorgeous summer, you guys!

Image Credits: Neven Krcmarek for unsplash.com and Roshinee Raajendran

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