Kitchen Witchery: Love Oil By Vagabond Moon

Kitchen Witchery: Love Oil By Vagabond Moon

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I like to dabble in a bit of white magic every now and I definitely have a fondness for spells that use ingredients from the kitchen, or those that are easy to procure. You may have seen that with my earlier kitchen witchery article. I feel that there’s nothing to lose by making room for a little bit of magic in your day to day life.

Tomorrow being Valentine’s Day, I thought I’d share a love oil recipe for you which I found on Youtube. It’s by a delightful witch named Vagabond Moon. I don’t think she intends for it to bring you the love of your life(but that could happen too), but it’ll definitely add some love and romance into your days.



Tumbled rose quartz crystal – one
Grapeseed oil
Pure vanilla extract – three drops
Lavender essential oil – three drops
Dried rose petals – three pinches
Dried lavender petals – three pinches
Notes: I procured all my ingredients from Amazon. Dried lavender petals were tricky to procure, not to mention incredibly expensive. That is I found the ones sold by Urban Platter. I didn’t go with grapeseed oil. Instead, I used Bio Oil because it has been great for my skin so far.

Final product


Doesn’t it look wonderful? It smells like a dream too, thanks to all the wonderful ingredients.

I took some time out on a busy weekday, lit a candle and created this love oil. It was a soothing exercise and I felt like I was partaking in a secret ritual that women had been doing for centuries. Definitely, try it out and let me know how it goes. Also go check out Vagabond Moon, because her work is so full of love and light.

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