Lunching At David Hall Cafe

Lunching At David Hall Cafe

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Last year, after reading too much about the cafes in Fort Kochi, I decided to visit David Hall Cafe. The location was gorgeous, it being an old restored Dutch bungalow a stone’s throw away from the Fort Kochi boat jetty.

According to their website, “The Dutch East India Company is believed to have erected three houses sometime between the late 1670s and 1690s using some of the material from demolished churches, and David Hall is what remains of the three houses. What purpose the structure served is not known today, though historical hearsay suggests it could have been the residence of Van Rheede or a military hospice for Dutch soldiers. The structure was christened David Hall when it was bought by the Jewish Koder family, who lived there.”

Today, it acts as a cultural center with a gallery for contemporary art and a meeting point for young artists. But when I went to David Hall Cafe, I didn’t know any of this. All I knew was that it was a quaint little place that served great pizzas.

I guess my biggest mistake was that I swerved away from the signature dish of the place, the pizza and opted for the Seafood Spaghetti instead. Huge mistake. I was expecting spaghetti brimming with seafood since the freshest seafood was being sold just a few minutes away near the jetty. Therefore I wasn’t too pleased with the scanty offerings on my plate that arrived late on my table. And more displeased with the grumpy server/chef.

The place in itself was great. However, Fort Kochi is no Bangalore and I’d forgotten how hot and humid it can get during afternoons. Maybe that’s why the chef was grumpy. I don’t blame him. This kind of afternoons called for chilled sangrias and long baths.





If I go there again, I’d probably go during a slightly chilly December with a bunch of friends, in the late afternoon. And I’d order pizza. And talk for hours. The next cafe located near David Hall was pretty cute though I didn’t get the name, nor did I eat there, therefore all I have for you are these two lush pictures. But then again, that’s what Fort Kochi is all about – history, nostalgia, and lush greenery.



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